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    Learning music scores using Beatles songs: how to go about it?

    Music is the food for the soul, as well as the mind. There are many music scores and notations that one can learn to improve one’s skill in music. This guide will provide an avenue to learn concepts about essential music scores and also, some interesting Beatles songs. Overview on Music Scores Music score or notation is a manuscript of a musical write-up from vertical lines that connect with octaves. A musical score may have a single party for solo musical work or several categories that consist of an orchestral or ensemble composition. Nevertheless, don’t forget to check Noviscore for amazing musical scores of good quality. Types of Music score…

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    Your Guide to the Year 2020 Fashion Trends

    We all will agree that 2020 is a year we had never experienced before! With COVID-19, lots of things slowed down, including the fashion shows this year! But don’t worry! Find a list of all the fashion trends in 2020 which you can wear in 2021. Let us look at the list below of all the fashion trends of 2020! Summer Trends Garters This was a trend we saw throughout 2020. A garter is a belt traditionally used to hold women stocking. We saw a lot of this trend this year; garters are perfect whether you’re getting ready for a day out or going on a dinner date; this should…

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    Wardrobe Items Every Woman Need to Have

    While some women are following the fashion trend, others are still wearing mainstream outfits such as denim jeans and plain blouses almost every day. But, it is always satisfying to receive positive compliments about an outfit. That is why it is essential to diversify your style from time to time to feel flattered in an outfit. Keep reading to discover the necessary wardrobe items every woman needs to have. Essential and Trendy Wardrobe Items for Women Harem Pants Harem pants have always been a trend in India. However, with time, harem pants have gained recognition globally. Harem pants bring a very cosy, casual yet stylish look. That is why you…

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