Learning music scores using Beatles songs: how to go about it?

Music is the food for the soul, as well as the mind. There are many music scores and notations that one can learn to improve one’s skill in music. This guide will provide an avenue to learn concepts about essential music scores and also, some interesting Beatles songs.

Overview on Music Scores

Music score or notation is a manuscript of a musical write-up from vertical lines that connect with octaves. A musical score may have a single party for solo musical work or several categories that consist of an orchestral or ensemble composition. Nevertheless, don’t forget to check Noviscore for amazing musical scores of good quality.

Types of Music score

The different categories of a musical are:

  • Full Score

This is a big book that consists of music variations, instruments, and composition lined up accordingly. It is big enough for the director to read from it during musical rehearsals.

  • Miniature Score

This is very similar in size to the miniature score aside from the name. Many study scores have octavo sizes, therefore fall between a complete score and a miniature score.

Evergreen Beatles songs

The Beatles have a plethora of excellent songs which includes:

I saw her standing there

This song was one of their earlier songs in the collection. It consists of an interesting combination of bass line and rhythm guitar.

You Can’t Do That

A key musical feature that is noticed in this single is the sharp 9 on the 7th cord. There is also a visible percussion that complements the tempo.

I Call Your Name

The first verse of the song begins on E7 and shifts to C7 and F7 and finally ends at the V chord of B7. There is also the presence of a chord progression.

The post has discussed what music scores are, different types of music scores available, and also some excellent Beatles songs. Do you think there are better Beatles songs than the above-mentioned works?

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